Ingenious widget app storms the App Store: see photos of friends directly on the home screen

Finally a social social media app!

In essence, Locket offers exactly what I have wanted in a social network for a long time: No fully commercialized fake world, but an app that actually simplifies the simple exchange with close friends. Locket puts your best friends, partners and family members in the foreground. And even literally, by placing them visibly on the home screen of our smartphone instead of disappearing into the stream of snaps and stories. That has potential!

Unfortunately, many social media apps already had this, and only a few have so far achieved the necessary critical mass to be a functional social network. Since you only connect with your closest friends with Locket, this critical mass could be reached very quickly for yourself. So whether the app could actually become the next TikTok? Locket is already trending on the same platform.

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