Inflation, dollar and growth, what will the 2022 Budget say about those numbers?

After the electoral results of the PASO 2021, many glances were deposited on him economic course for what happened in the pockets so far but, especially, for how the economy will continue and when will the reactivation come.

In terms of numbers, clearly what worries the most is inflation 2021 in Argentina and how much prices will go up next year. That goal of raising the price of 29% was precisely questioned because the minister had scheduled it for all this year, but it was consumed in the first seven months.

The Government of President Alberto Fernández will present this Wednesday at the Chamber of Deputies the main economic guidelines of 2022, which is called the Law of Laws: Budget 2022. It was even rumored that Guzmán could go on Thursday to defend him in Congress, although for now it is not confirmed.

The text of the Budget 2022 would include a self-criticism of inflation 2021 and also a improvement of economic activity higher than originally planned. This modification is explained by the fact that, if it had not been contemplated, it would have prevented including a high inflation target for next year.

As it turned out, next year the Government would expect an inflationary pattern of 35% In this way, the rise in prices would slow down, since this year private consulting firms expect it to be close to 48%, and it would be at the same level as in 2020, when it closed at 36.1%.

Which Congress will discuss it?

Another of the data that emerged is that the economic growth would be 3% or 4% for next year, but the Government would point out that if in 2021 the increase would be higher, around 7% for example, with that goal in 2022, Between the two years the collapse of 10% that Argentina suffered last year due to the impact of Covid-19 would be recovered In the economy.

What is discounted is that this Budget 2022 will be the arena of combat between the ruling party and the opposition in the campaign for the legislative elections of the November 14th. It is also unclear whether the Government would be able to vote it in Congress with the current composition.

That composition currently favors it with respect to the grouping in the benches that would exist if the result of STEP 2021 will be consolidated in November. The elected deputies and senators will take office on December 10.


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