Inés Gómez Mont: how rich is her family and how much is her fortune

Inés Gómez Mont she married in 2003 with Víctor Álvarez Puga, with whom she had two of her seven children: Bosco and María. Although he has stayed away from the show business, she has always boasted the luxurious lifestyle that her entire family leads.

Although he has had a successful career in television, the luxuries that Inés Gómez Mont enjoy in your daily life. Many attributed it to the profession of her husband, who is a renowned lawyer, co-director of the Álvarez Puga & Asociados law firm. In addition, his family owns different businesses in the country.

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The origin of your millionaire income

One more time Inés Gómez Mont you are in the eye of the storm! In 2006, the sums of money that were entering the driver’s accounts had attracted attention, when the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit confirmed that they were entering more money than she could justify.

It is for this reason that now the Attorney General of the Republic has taken action on the matter to get to the bottom of all this and discover what is the origin of all the millionaire sums that have not been declared properly.

It should be noted that the blue-eyed woman has already had to pay very high fines for “omitted federal contributions,” which has not saved her from being investigated.

Source: Instagram @inesgomezmont

She is quiet

Your close friend and comadre Galilea Montijo He came out to talk about what is happening in the Hoy program: ‘She is fine, she is very calm. And, as you said, you have to exercise your rights. You have to come talk to the authorities, which is what you have to do. He has to face justice as he should. ‘

And he continued to show his support saying: ‘The only thing I can say is pure words of love for her. A great daughter, great friend, great human being in every way. To his family, who I also adore. ‘

‘She is a woman of great faith and those of us who know her and her family know that they will succeed because they are people of great faith and we are going to see what happens, that it becomes clear as quickly as possible. We love you, comadre! ‘, He concluded.

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