Indirect for Jamie Lynn ?: Britney Spears plans to publish her own book

UNITED STATES.- A day after Jamie Lynn Spears announced the launch of her memoir, her older sister posted an image on her Instagram profile to inform your followers that you were considering publishing a book, so he asked for possible titles.

The protagonist of “Zoey 101” announced last Monday that she would publish her book “Things I should have said” on January 18, 2022, through Worthy Publishing, and as part of the description of the work, the actress wrote that it was something she did for herself and not to please others.

“I know I still have A LOT of learning to do, but I feel like finishing this book gave me the closing of this ’30 years’ chapter of my life, and I hope to help anyone else who has forgotten their worth, lost their voice, or you are trying to break a harmful cycle in your life, “wrote Jamie Lynn.

For her part, Britney Spears joked about this fact and shared great news with her fans, as the singer explained that she wanted to launch a book next year, and to add an ironic and burlesque tone, she added a wink emoji with her tongue outside, what many took as revenge for their sister and want to overshadow their news.

But I’m having trouble for the title, so my fans could help me. Option 1: “Shit, I really don’t know.” Option 2: “I really care what others think.” What do you guys think? Reads its description along with several funny emoticons that clearly referred to Jamie Lynn’s book.

And is that the young woman changed the title of her next memoir at the last moment, since originally the book would be called “I Must Confess”, controversial title that caused great controversy on the part of the followers of the Princess of pop by be part of the chorus of their single “Baby One More Time”.

Most Britney fans quickly they understood the reference of the options that the interpreter of “Circus” shared in her image, for which several answered other ironic titles that also related to the next publication of Lynn Spears.

Some commented that their book should be titled “The Things My Sister Should Have Said”, while others expressed the grace he gave them: “I love this hint”, “What I had to have learned from visiting my family in prison”, “She’s coming for Jamie Lynn”, “The queen of sending hints to her sister”, “You should call your book ‘I Must Confess ‘”,” Throwing strong hints, take care Jamie “,” Things I would have liked to say “, were just some of the funny expressions of the users.

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