Indio Solari left a message to Wado de Pedro after the STEP: "Hold on as always, serene"

After the last Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory elections (PASO), in which the Front of all did not achieve the expected results and could lose the quorum in Congress, Carlos Alberto “Indio” Solari left a message of encouragement to Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro.

“I already voted in my beloved city of Mercedes. Thank you to everyone who is working today to make the election possible throughout the country. By going to vote, we are taking care of democracy,” the official wrote in a post published on Sunday. 12, in which he is seen with the table authorities casting his vote.

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“Hold on as always, serene. You can’t ask for more … haha ​​I know that you will answer me if you can …”, replied the founder of Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota, among hundreds of messages that he reaped the publication. To which De Pedro replied: “Always calm, Indio Solari, always learning. Listening with humility. Thank you for your words and for your friendship.”

It is not the first time that the singer-songwriter praises the official. In July 2020 he also left a warm message on the social network. “The guy is irreducible in his sociopolitical gaze and tireless in his work to approach and bring the population closer to the immense novelty of being listened to and solved, most of the time, their dramatic problems of inequity,” he commented in a post in the newspaper. that “Wado” is seen working in his office.

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And he added: “A funny and brave young man. Who responds to the call of his friends in a fraternal way … bah … a Peronist boy.” For his part, the official commented: “Your music, your dignity and your coherence are an example for our generation. Thank you, dear Indian.”

Last June, in a radio interview, the musician described the government of Mauricio Macri as a “regime” and spoke about the pandemic. “I am ashamed that there are those who have made fun of the people who are in the first line such as doctors, nurses, orderlies, they are rich morondanga. We must continue to work hard in the transmission of what is good and what is not good, because there are people who are with the project of not taking care of themselves, which is to return to the Middle Ages, “he said indignantly. (NA)

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