Increase of 10% for the municipalities of Villarino

The commune of Villarino decided to grant a 10% increase for municipal employees, which will be reflected in the assets that remain on the last business day of this month.

The increase is 7 percentage points higher than the one agreed in the last joint ventures, which was 3% corresponding to October.

In this sense, from the commune it was stated that although “the country continues to be affected by an extraordinary situation that affects the economy of all families and that has worsened during 2021”, it was decided to grant this increase above the agreed .

“Despite the current joint agreement that establishes an increase of 3% in salaries for the month of October, with great effort the municipal executive has decided that this increase will be 10%,” it was indicated from the commune.

In addition, it was clarified that a significant update will be made in the economic stimuli received by scholarship holders and beneficiaries of Villarino’s employment programs.

“This effort is possible thanks to the fact that we have always maintained a financial balance and clear accounts,” said the communal chief, Carlos Bevilacqua, who also highlighted and thanked “the work of the municipal agents who day by day are at the service of the neighbors. of Villarino ”.

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