Incoming City Council of Torreón goes for a Budget of three thousand million pesos for 2022

This Friday, the incoming Torreón City Council presented its draft Expenditure Budget for next year, in which priority will be given to security issues, investment attraction and water.

Román Alberto Cepeda González, mayor-elect of Torreón, said that, at present, his work team is reviewing what could be modified in the municipal directorates and what would continue to operate in the same way.

“We are, rather, busy, more than concerned, we are already dealing with the Income Law, which was presented last day, the Income Law project, and today we are with the preliminary draft of the Expenditure Budget, which we have built based on a reality that will come in 2022, coordinated with our great ally, which is the state government, and very aware that we have to be efficient, effective and hit everything, “he said.

The current Cabildo de Torreón approved a proposed Revenue Law for 2,881 million pesos, however, the elected mayor said that they hope to reach an annual financial ceiling of around 3,000 million pesos with some efficiencies. He considered it important to increase public works, order and to be able to focus on where the resource is going to be channeled, in the fundamental axes of government.

“Right now we are in the construction of the regulations, of what we are going to modify in the directions, what yes, what no,” he said.

Cepeda González said that the priorities in public spending will be Public Safety, the attraction of investments for the generation of employment and the drinking water service, without undermining the other directions, which he also considered are important, from public works, education, urban image , among other things.

In terms of the construction of the federal budget, the municipal president-elect trusted that it will be reflected in results and in realities. He acknowledged that “we do not expect much but, at the end of the day, we have to continue to build bridges to be able to receive everything we can from the Federation.”

He said that he maintains constant communication with the legislators who represent Coahuila to promote the return of federal trusts to strengthen the states and municipalities, the resources to promote security and the metropolitan fund.

Regarding the Healthy Water project for La Laguna, Cepeda said that he has already sought meetings with the National Water Commission (Conagua) and that there are still issues to discuss. For now, he said that it will be one billion pesos for investment in hydraulic infrastructure that the municipality of Torreón would receive.

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