In Torreón they vandalize and set fire to a classroom in a school in the Francisco Villa colony

Unknown subjects allegedly vandalized and set fire to one of the classrooms of a school located in the Francisco Villa neighborhood of the city of Torreón.

The fire was reported to the state emergency 911 system, around 10:20 in the morning of this Tuesday.

Is about the 14 de Marzo primary school, located on the La Paz road, between Texcoco and Tlalpan streets.

The fire was concentrated in a room used as a cellar, where books and benches were consumed, plus some other valuables.

The personnel of the Fire Department of the Amistad Substation, went to the place aboard a fast attack machine.

The elements of the Civil Protection Directorate also arrived at the site to provide support in the emergency.

The flames were immediately doused with jets of water and they were prevented from spreading to other classrooms.

No injured or intoxicated people were reported, since there are currently no face-to-face classes and the site was empty.

It was the concierge who noticed what happened when he arrived at the place to carry out his activities, he immediately notified the competent authorities.


Presumably people from the vicinity of the place are those who entered to vandalize and started the fire.

Some days ago, an adjoining room was also burned under similar circumstances.

In addition, it was reported that they have also been registered multiple robberies on campus During the last months.

Agents of the Municipal Public Security Directorate, went to the place and raised a report on what happened.

The directors of the institution must notify the Secretary of Education so that the corresponding complaint can be filed with the Attorney General of the State of Coahuila.

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