In the studio: endangered models at Stellantis?

Some Stellantis group vehicles are destined to disappear from the market because of their poor sales figures. What models are they? Our hosts Antoine Joubert and Daniel Melançon discuss it in this capsule In studio.

Unsurprisingly, we are talking about the Dodge Charger and Challenger as well as the Chrysler 300. Antoine explains that all three are based on a Mercedes platform that dates from the late 90s.

Photo: Stellantis

“These are vehicles that have made their [temps], which are obsolete in today’s market,” the columnist replies. According to him, it is obvious that the Chrysler 300 will disappear from the brand’s catalog.

Remember that these three cars are assembled at the Brampton plant in Ontario and that rumors suggest a redesign to manufacture electric cars…

Photo: Stellantis

To find out more about what awaits these vehicles and the assembly plants, watch the capsule In studio above.

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