In the Sixth, Juntos would get seven seats in November

The election that the Juntos front carried out yesterday in the entire Sixth Electoral Commission left it more than well positioned for the general elections on November 14 and, above all, with the certainty that it is quite possible to maintain the six seats it places. at stake in the Province. Maybe add some more.

Regarding the integration of the final ballot that will go to the general elections, the victory of the former announcer Lorenzo Natali – led the list Dar el Paso, of the neurologist Facundo Manes – over the current head of the Bahian Deliberative Council, Fernando Compagnoni, leaves him at the top of the list of deputies of the alliance at the sectional level.

In this case, the internal regulation of the Juntos coalition is very clear regarding the future conformation: “When the list that gets second place within the alliance obtains more than 40% of the valid votes cast, the minority will be integrated into the Titular places 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 15th and 16th, and substitutes 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th “.

Then, the unified list for two months from now will be headed by Lorenzo Natali, followed by the radical Anahí Bilbao, the yellow Fernando Compagnoni and Abigail Gómez, the radical Emiliano Balbín, the “margarita” Natalia Dziakowski, the “santillista” Gustavo Coria and Rosío Antinori in the places with chances. Then there will be Facundo Castelli, Trinidad Barda Schell, Franco Mombelli and Julieta Arce. If last night’s numbers were repeated, Dziakowski would have his bank assured and Coria too; Antinori, on the other hand, should tread fine to determine if he can continue in the lower house.

According to the current numbers published by the Electoral Board of the province of Buenos Aires, with 97.83% of the votes counted, Natali obtained 102,779 votes against 88,837 for Compagnoni. If these figures are compared with the Frente de Todos, the list headed by Alejandro Dichiara got 100,463 votes.

In percentages, Juntos obtained 52.27%, against 27.4% of the justicialismo, and these figures already predispose a – for now – a very favorable scenario for the November elections for the opposition in our region; of course, with just over 66% participation in the polls, it still remains to be known what will happen to the people who did not vote yesterday.

With these numbers, Juntos would not only revalidate the six seats it puts into play (the terms of Rosío Antinori, Laura Aprile, Emiliano Balbín, Anahí Bilbao, Santiago Nardelli and the almost unknown Néstor Résico, from Morón expire), but would surely add one more. They would revalidate Balbín, Bilbao and, perhaps, Antinori.

Opposite, those who leave five seats are Fernanda Bevilacqua, Pablo Garate, Gabriel Godoy, Marisol Merquel and Carlos Moreno, and in this scenario, how much could they get four. They would enter Dichiara, Maite Alvado, Cuto Moreno and in Villarino they will have to sharpen the pencil to see if the daughter of the current mayor Carlos Bevilacqua can continue as a deputy.

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