In the frame of a door, Yanet García gives us a unique landscape

Yanet Garcia It is found in its native country, Mexico, more precisely in the state of Yucatan. We remember that the former weather girl of the Televisa signal settled in the United States some time ago.

“It is also a great opportunity to learn English, as you know I had the opportunity to do theater, film and I really liked it. So I said, I would love to study in Los Angeles, prepare to come up with a new project. From the beginning, long before it has always been my vision to be a businesswoman, now I am undertaking a new project ”she indicated Yanet a few months ago, when she was asked about her decision to move.

A few hours ago, Yanet Garcia published a photograph on his official account Instagram that fell in love with a large part of his millions of followers from all over the planet. In it you can see the Latina displaying all her beauty before the camera for a professional photo production for her OnlyFans account. The native of Monterrey wore a transparent bodysuit and a black outfit. In addition, the Aztec artist complemented her look with her loose hair and a delicate make up.

“Coming soon !! @onlyfans ”was the short and promotional text that he chose Garcia epigraph to accompany his recent snapshot in the popular network of the camera.

Source: Instagram Yanet García

As expected, this post that has as its main protagonist the former partner of Lewis Howes was quickly filled with likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 84 thousand hearts. In addition, Yanet García received in his publication hundreds of messages of affection and praise from his most loyal fans towards his magnificent physical figure and his chosen look.

Source: Instagram Yanet García


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