In the coming days they will launch tenders for road systems in Torreón

It will be in a matter of days when the tender for the construction of the Cuatro Caminos Road System in Torreón will be launched, as was reported today Friday by state authorities, this work represents one of the main pending issues in terms of infrastructure on the part of the Government of Coahuila with the Laguna Region.

It was during yesterday morning that the governor of the state, Miguel Riquelme, indicated that practically all the legal details are ready to launch the tender for that project, same in which it seeks to provide a road solution to one of the cruises with the highest vehicular traffic in the region, that of Cuatro Caminos, the same one in which prominent streets converge, such as the Diagonal Reforma Boulevard, the Cuauhtémoc road and even the Manuel Ávila Camacho road.

“In a few more days, the tender for the Cuatro Caminos Road System and also that of Villa Florida is going to start, then they are going to see work by work of those that we are going to start, next week I will come with Román to see the spaces public and to start painting programs, rehabilitation of homes and directly, and the truth is that the municipality of Torreón deserved attention”.

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It will be through the PPP scheme, tenders that are expected to be ready next month

Riquelme Solís stressed in this sense that Mayor Cepeda has the will to improve the conditions of the urban image of Torreón, so that within this demonstration the necessary support will be given to specify the projects in which collaborations can be given.

“Román brings a lot of desire and I have to take advantage of that, I am pretending seeing a similarity of when Manolo (Jiménez) was mayor, with a call we fixed things, he simply tells me ‘I put half and you put half’, because it gives you the solution to many problems that have been dragging on, no municipality can do it alone, the State Government cannot interfere with the autonomy of any of the 38 municipalities, much less if the will does not exist, today Román told me ‘you grab any space and I’ll grab another’, in the same proportion… We are going to allocate resources”, Governor Riquelme advanced.

It should be remembered that the Cuatro Caminos Road System will have an approximate investment of 350 million pesos, together with the work of Villa Florida, the global amount of both projects would be 570 million pesos.

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