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A little over 1,800 km: this is the distance that the Remparts coach will cover from Wednesday morning for the team’s first trip to the Maritimes. From this trip, the Red Devils hope not only to bring back points in the standings to Quebec, but above all, the confidence that allowed them to have success at the start of the season.

Patrick Roy’s men will make their first stop in Moncton to face the Wildcats on Thursday, then face off against the Charlottetown Islanders on Friday before concluding the three-game, three-day journey against the Acadie-Bathurst Titan.

“A lot of times you tell yourself that there are times in the season when you want to get tested and it’s going to be a good one. We are one month away from the trading period, everyone is healthy and we are playing against good teams. We will have to improve our game, that’s for sure, ”commented Patrick Roy on Tuesday.

His team, although they like their progress in recent games, have still not regained the confidence of the start of the season, the confidence that had allowed them to win nine consecutive games.

“We play with less confidence,” conceded center Xavier Filion. We are more fragile and it seemed against Victoriaville when we got picked up at the end of the game. We have to regain the confidence we had at the start of the year. It is certain that winning big games against Charlottetown and Bathurst could give us back our confidence. “


Since the nine wins in a row, which brought the team’s record to 9-1, the Remparts have a record of four wins and six losses, including two against the last two teams in the general classification, the Baie-Comeau Drakkar and the Cape Breton Eagles.

“We can raise the bar higher, adds winger Pier-Olivier Roy. We escaped games against Cape Breton and Baie-Comeau. We are a team that aspires to top honors so we should use these games to increase our confidence, not decrease it. “

For Patrick Roy, the recent period is not the result of a lack of effort.

“I like our progress. Lately, we have been playing the right way even though we had some misfires against Baie-Comeau. Against Cape Breton, I was disappointed because we hadn’t taken quality shots, but we still directed 83 shots towards the net (43 hit the target) and created 26 scoring chances. Some players are not playing consistently at the moment, but as a group there aren’t that many games where I can say we didn’t show up, ”said the driver.


Among the players who do not play consistently: goalkeeper Fabio Iacobo. During practice Tuesday, Roy made a bit of a chat with his 20-year-old goaltender, notably telling him “stop thinking and play”.

“We’re all different and we’re all human. Fabio puts a lot of pressure on himself and he wants to succeed. Our job is to support him and help him get out of it. […] My message is that what you control is what’s in front of you and that’s the puck. Don’t go any further than that. That’s what I would like him to do, be ready for his game and regain my confidence. “

Meanwhile, goaltender William Rousseau will get the first two starts of the trip, including the one against the Charlottetown Islanders on Friday. Representatives of Potato Island sit at the top of the QMJHL’s general standings, tied with the Sherbrooke Phoenix, which however played one game less.

Vsevolod Komarov progresse bien

Vsevolod Komarov, Defender of the Ramparts

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Vsevolod Komarov, Defender of the Ramparts

Without fanfare, the 17-year-old Russian defender of the Remparts Vsevolod Komarov solidified his place in the top 4 at the back.

The young right-hander, who arrived in the Old Capital for a little over a month, has won the trust of Patrick Roy who is now using him, among other things, on the second wave of numerical advantages.

The native of Chelyabinsk does not present breaking statistics (a goal and an assist in 13 games), but we feel more and more confident.

“I think he’s starting to understand better and better and he’s feeling more and more comfortable,” said Patrick Roy on Tuesday. What impresses me is his composure with the puck. He has recently been seen making one-on-one feints and challenging the opposing defender. Without being a jet on skates, he moves and shifts well on the ice. I am happy with his progress. “

Roy had very little information about Komarov before seeing him land in Quebec. He and the head recruiter Christian Vermette had the opportunity to evaluate it on video sequences, nothing more.

“What I could recognize on video was that he was making good decisions with the puck on his first pass. Physically, he was able to hold his end in front of the net as well. There he begins to carry the puck a little more and to feel better. “


It’s not just his playing on the ice that is improving, his English too. Maybe not so quickly, though!

“He understands a little more. At first, he was in misery and you could see in his eyes that he was not sure, said Pier-Olivier Roy. There, he starts to unravel, and sometimes he comes to play ping-pong with us. “

If it is still impossible to have a conversation in the language of Shakespeare with No. 83, he begins to try his luck.

“He made a small sentence after a game where he was named player of the match. He said something in English, three or four words, and we all started laughing. He didn’t look too uncomfortable! He was happy and we can see that he wants to learn English. “

In addition, forward Rylan Bowers decided to leave the Remparts in order to return home to Ontario. He will report to the London Nationals in the GOJHL.

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