In pictures: Rains in the last hours in Guatemala leave 45 thousand people affected, a minor dead and hundreds of evacuees

During this weekend, 45,875 people were affected by floods, landslides and landslides, according to David de León, spokesman for the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred).

These incidents occurred in the departments of Santa Rosa, Escuintla, Jutiapa, Alta Verapaz, Quiché, Baja Verapaz, San Marcos and Guatemala.

There is a report of 578 homes affected mainly by floods and 16 homes at risk.

It was necessary to carry out evacuation processes for 892 people who moved with some neighbors or close relatives to take refuge.


A girl died buried this Monday by an avalanche in the north of the capital of Guatemala caused by rains, raising the death toll in the season that began in May and that has affected 1.3 million people.

Volunteer firefighters answered the call of a family asking for help after running out of their home located in the Cipresales ll neighborhood, zone 6 where a landslide originated, affecting the house and several vehicles.

Volunteer firefighters rescued the family, but a 5-year-old girl died at the scene.

So far, the rainy season has left 24 people dead and 16 injured, De León added.

Upon arrival at the site, the minor no longer had vital signs
(Free Press Photo: Volunteer Firefighters)
The rescuers arrived at the house that was completely buried.
(Free Press Photo: Volunteer Firefighters)

The entire house was destroyed after the landslide at the site.
(Free Press Photo: Volunteer Firefighters)

Rainy season

The general report of rains during this season, which began in May and usually extends to November, records:

  • 738 people at risk.
  • 1 million 333 thousand 218 people affected
  • 4 thousand 386 thousand people affected
  • 10 thousand 805 thousand people evacuated
  • 21 thousand 583 thousand people served
  • 637 people housed.
  • 16 people injured
  • 24 people deceased

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Several communities in Santa Rosa were affected by the rain.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)

Floods were registered in Taxisco, Santa Rosa, during the weekend.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)
El Garitón village flood, Taxisco, Santa Rosa.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)
The victims say they have had material losses and also report injured people.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)
Some of the home structures are severely damaged due to humidity.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)
Several businesses lost all merchandise due to the floods.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)
Some of the families were unable to rescue their belongings.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)
The water destroyed several gardens and plantings of some vegetables in the homes of the victims.
(Free Press Photo: CONRED)

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