In photos: this weighs and measures the gorgeous Livia Brito

Livia Brito Pestana currently has 35 years and she is a consolidated Cuban actress who debuted in Mexico in 2010. The level of her talent is equal to her beauty and that is undeniable.

She is the actress of the moment as the protagonist of “La Desalmada” who, just by appearing in a photograph, steals more than a sigh from her admirers. It causes a constant stir on its social networks and this time the beautiful “Cuban” in addition to captivating its 6.3 million followers, shows that it is not just a beautiful body.

The young Livia Brito always focused a lot on her studies and she showed it. However, everyone wants to know – by the photos constants that are sold- how much it weighs and measures the beautiful Livia Brito.

“SOURCE: The Century of Torreón”

And yes, it is fantastic, but the Cuban has been showing an enviable figure for some time. Despite his ups and downs in his constant gains and losses in weight, with dedication, a lot of sports and healthy eating, he is who he is today.

Livia Brito is 1.72 m tall and weighs 58 kg. As if it were fiction, in addition to having a naturally beautiful face, she has some measures admirable 92-60-94. The more you know her, the more amazed when you see all her tattoos and one waist that measures only 60 cm.

Everyone wants to know more and more about this gorgeous and talented star. In addition to displaying pure beauty, the actress was born in Cuba, but at the age of 13 – along with her parents – they moved to Mexico. One of his favorite hobbies is painting And although nobody can believe it, before being a model and actress, she worked as a waitress in a restaurant.

So far, she boasts of her talent and natural beauty. She is single and although many rumors circulate around her, she simply enjoys her present.

So that many of his fans will remove the doubt of how much does it weigh And till how big is the beautiful Livia Brito Today we share it with you so that you are aware. In addition, few know that the beautiful Cuban is much more than a beautiful body and she was even about to marry when she was younger, with the salsa singer Danny Funk.

Did you imagine it? We share some of her confessions where she reveals her beauty secrets.

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