In Matamoros they also rename streets for femicides, El Siglo de Torreón

Also in Matamoros, members of the Madres Poderosas collective renamed some streets of the city, within the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The names of 20 women victims of femicide were placed, although the cases that occurred in that municipality are those of little Milagros, Ilse Ivonne, Dulce and Arely.

Carolina Ramírez, mother of little Milagros, explained that the activity was started this Wednesday in Torreón, where mothers and relatives of the victims of femicide continue in the search for justice.

He added that there is outrage over the case of Ilse Ivonne, since they are about a month away from the sentence being handed down to the minor, indicated to end the life of the young woman, as it is rumored that he will only be given one year in jail.

“We want to remind the authorities that they have a pending account with us,” they agreed.

Patricia Quiñones mother of Sharon Quiñones, who died on November 5, shared that the murderer of her daughter was released due to lack of evidence and three years later, kidnapped another young woman, for which she is currently behind bars, which she said He confirms to the judicial authorities, his guilt and his daughter was not done justice.

For Angélica Martínez with the death of her daughter Alejandra Gámez, Christmas no longer exists, because for her there is nothing to celebrate, since a subject took the life of his daughter on December 24 and 6 years have passed without justice being doneThe person responsible was literally “swallowed up by the earth”, and they have not wanted to give him a copy of the file, so he does not know the progress in the investigations.

Like them, there are other mothers who have had to come together, to do the impossible in the search for justice.

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