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Every Monday, a personality tells us about his favorite shows. This week we are talking to author India Desjardins, who after testing Mister Big or the glorification of toxic loves published last spring, returns to children’s literature this fall with the documentary book Whales and us.

The Morning Show

“I am really a fan of this series, which I find beautifully well written. I loved Season 1, which is about the #metoo movement a lot. The show reveals a whole toxic work environment and questions what it is like if someone around us is targeted by allegations. Do we remain friends with him? […] The series allows us to dissect the phenomenon. I also really like Season 2, but I was shocked that the creators made us relive 2020. At the same time, I understand their decision because the pandemic and the new waves of denunciations are interrelated. ”

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OD in the West

“Jay Du Temple brought a new way of hosting reality shows, with all his personality and humor. […] For me, FROM, it’s pure entertainment, but it also allows me to observe human relationships. […] For a full experience, I listen The strings, a super intelligent feminist podcast that uses reality TV to talk about social issues. […] However, if I had one thing to ask the production ofFROM, it would be to intervene less in history and to let it evolve in a more organic way. This is what I like about The island of love, at TVA. That, and Mehdi Bousaidan’s comments, which really make me laugh. ”

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“I love the female characters created by Kim Lizotte, who co-wrote Turn with Marie-Hélène Lebeau-Taschereau. In fact, I really like what Kim does (especially The Simones). We share values ​​and I always follow what she does. His characters are often in search of identity. In this case, she’s an Olympic athlete who can’t take it anymore. She has dedicated her whole life to her sport and she is trying to find out who she is as a woman, beyond the athlete. I find it super interesting. The dialogues are always good and it is very well done by Catherine Therrien. ”

Wednesday, 8 p.m., on Noovo

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