In equestrianism, a lackluster day for Brazilians in Belgium and the United States

Eduardo Menezes (Anwar Esquivel/file)

Six Brazilians competed this Thursday (13) in two and three-star equestrian competitions held in the United States and Belgium. The performance, however, was not very bright, as none of them advanced to the medal disputes and the first places. In a one-star event, for young horses, Alexandre Gadelha was the tiebreaker and placed 12th.

Vitor Luminatti, riding Idette, and Eduardo Menezes, with H5 Chacco’s Charlie PS, were in 20th and 21st place in the three-star hurdles contest at 1m40 held in Wellington, Florida, United States. Vitor completed the course in 73s86, scoring five penalty points. Eduardo did it in 70s42, but with eight points in penalties. The winner was Irishman Conor Swail, riding Cana van de Bloom, with a zero pass in 55s48.

Eduardo Menezes also competed in the 1m50 hurdles competition, teaming up with Calypso Des Matis, a competition that featured compatriot Luiz Francisco Azevedo and Collin. Eduardo was 15th with four penalty points and a time of 73s22. Luiz Francisco was further back, in 39th, with nine points and 75.89 on the clock. The Israeli Daniel Bluman won, riding Cachemire de Braize, scoring 37s159 in the tiebreaker.

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Sentower Park

Brazil was also represented in the two-star equestrian competition at Sentower Park, in Opglabbeek, Belgium. Katty King, riding Jella Van’T Kathof, Carlos Eduardo Mota Ribas, Night Secret Z, and Alexandre Gadelha, with Jubalu. Katty, in the hurdles at 1m40, even came close to qualifying, did not commit penalties and took the 19th best time. The first 15 advanced. The winner was the German Michael Jung riding Chasandra.


In the hurdles of 1m45, Carlos Eduardo received a four point penalty and finished 22nd. Germany’s David Will with Quentucky Jolly took first place. Alexandre Gadelha disputed one up to 1m30 riding Palau P and was in 35th place without penalties and with a time of 32s21. The Swiss Pius Schwizer, and Diane de Launay, won with 24.56. Gadelha and Carlos Eduardo Mota Ribas also competed in the one-star competition for young horses, with obstacles of 1m30 or 1m35. Gadelha, riding Otessa Vd Brouwershoeve, advanced to the tiebreaker and was in 12th place, passing with a clear track in 31.07 in the second performance. Carlos Eduardo, riding Trix, did not proceed and closed in 49th.

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