In Córdoba, consumer prices rose 3.6% in December

The Government of Córdoba reported that in December the Córdoba Consumer Price Index (IPC-Cba) registered an increase in its General Level of 3.61% compared to the previous month. The figure differs from the one published by Indec at the national level for the same period: it was 3.8%.

The data for the Province were provided by the Department of Statistics and Censuses. The item that increased the most was Food and Beverages (6.17%), “mainly explained by the increase in the average price of meats and derivatives”.

Image: Government of Córdoba.
Image: Government of Córdoba.

At a year-on-year level, inflation was 49.87%. At the national level, this figure reached 50.9%.

How the CPI is calculated

It should be remembered that the CPI – Cba measures monthly the variation in the prices of a set of goods and services representative of the average consumption of urban households in the city of Córdoba, according to a basket defined based on the National Household Expenditure Survey .

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