In Chiapas zero tolerance for all types of violence against women and girls

Within the framework of the commemoration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the governor of Chiapas, Rutilio Escandón Cadenas, endorsed its commitment and willingness to work in unity with federal, state and municipal authorities to combat and eradicate violence against girls and women. “In Chiapas they have no place, there is zero tolerance and zero impunity for all kinds of violent actions against girls and women.”

Present during the Security Table, the Secretary for Gender Equality (Seigen), María Mandiola Totoricaguena, specified that as part of the tasks of the Comprehensive Agenda of the Strategy 25 by 25, collaboration with municipalities for the prevention and care of violence against women and girls has been strengthened, while noting that, this month, in Chiapas 1,215 cases of women have been received and 3 thousand 454 attentions, of which 945 are for social work, 1,240 psychology and 1,269 legal.

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He explained that 6,782 orientations were carried out, benefiting 5,589 women and 1,193 men; As well as the capacities of attention and workshops with a gender perspective for justices of the peace and conciliation, and municipal officials and police, in order to consolidate the protection of women’s rights.

It should be noted that later Governor Rutilio Escandón participated in the creation of the human orange bow, together with public servants from different institutions, as an act of reflection and commitment by his government to combat this social scourge and move towards the construction of a Chiapas where everyone can live in fraternity, harmony and peace.

At another time, the president stressed that in the First International Coffee Festival “Chiapas de Corazón 2021”, it was announced that the entity has established itself as one of the main coffee producers, with 41 percent at the national level, with a planting of 253 thousand hectares, and where 61 percent of The people who cultivate this aromatic grain are women and men from indigenous peoples, who work their own lands.

“The wish is that this event be held year after year, to give it greater added value and to recognize a fair price for said grain, in favor of the Chiapas peasants, who work with affection and love for their plots. Today we are the first producers in the country in quantity and quality, and the first recognized worldwide for our organic coffee. Have confidence that we will continue promoting this agricultural activity ”, he pointed out.

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Regarding the pandemic, the president reported that the fourth wave of infections is occurring in some countries, and explained that the vaccine against Covid-19 and the reinforcement of preventive measures are the best way to be prepared against this virus so Dangerous and infectious, therefore, he asked the population, especially the youth of Chiapas, to go to the vaccination centers or receive the brigades that go through the houses and businesses, to apply this biological agent.

He stressed that, thanks to the investments and efforts of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Chiapas has enough vaccines against Covid-19, which is a human right that is universally and freely fulfilled, which is why he exhorted Chiapas women and men to take advantage of this opportunity to protect health and life, both their own and those of their loved ones.


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