In Caulnes, we drive too fast in the village

Chief Warrant Officer Le Coquil and the Mayor, Marina Le Moal, want to reduce the speed of vehicles in the town. © André Jégou

In spring 2021, elected officials bought an educational radar from the company SPME 22 for an amount of € 2,330 excluding taxes. This purchase is intended to prevent speeding accidents. It is a radar that does not take pictures of license plates, but takes readings of the speed of vehicles. It was installed rue de Dinan this summer and is currently located at the Domaine du Fougeray.

Way too fast

On average, every day 10,000 vehicles take the rue de Dinan. Over two weeks last summer, more than 2,000 vehicles traveled at more than 30 km / h above the 50 km / h limit. 90% entered in the village and therefore did not slow down sufficiently.

Up to 4 license points

In the event of a check, these motorists would have had a fine of 135 € and a withdrawal of 4 points, or even a suspension driving license.

The mayor, Marina Le Moal, recently met the chief warrant officer, David Le Coquil, commander of the Caulnes brigade. “I communicated to him the statements performed this summer. It is very important that we can work together. We see that motorists make efforts when the radar is there and after that they resume their habits. Our aim is to reduce speed in order to improve safety, ”explains Marina Le Moal.

The mayor wishes to work in collaboration with the gendarmes on the place and the periods of installation of the radar. “The chief warrant officer assures us that he wants to work first on prevention, before the repression, ”says Marina Le Moal.

André Jégou (CLP)

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