“In a double bottom”: this is how they tried to hide US$70,000 in a car driven by a Mexican

The authorities reported this Friday, January 14, of the seizure of US$70 thousand that were hidden in a vehicle.

The Government detailed that the cash, in bills of different denominations, was discovered in a special compartment inside the car.

The vehicle was driven by the Mexican Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Ortiz, 50 years old.

The diligence proceeded at kilometer 207, in Flores Costa Cuca, Quetzaltenango.

“The individual indicated not knowing the origin of the money found in a cove located on the floor of the vehicle,” authorities said.

The money was discovered thanks to the canine agent Hashis, which alerted his guide.

In the double bottom of the vehicle were entered two packages wrapped in tape within which were US$35 thousand in each one.

(Photo: PNC)
The bills were hidden in a double bottom. (Photo: PNC)
A canine agent alerted the find. (Photo: PNC)

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