Imprisonment ordered: Hernandez has to go to court in Spain

One day before the Champions League game at Benfica Lisbon, Lucas Hernandez (25) has to appear in court in Madrid. There’s a prison sentence in the room.

Must go to court in Madrid: Lucas Hernandez.

imago images/Sven Simon

According to a report in the Spanish sports newspaper “AS”, a Madrid criminal court has ordered the French defender to be sentenced to prison. According to this, the 25-year-old “was summoned to the court on October 19, 2021 at 11 a.m. to be personally requested to voluntarily go to the penal institution of his choice within ten days,” the newspaper quoted as saying. A request to stay the proceedings had been refused.

Hernandez was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in December 2019 for violating a ban on approach and contact with his then girlfriend and now wife. According to the “AS”, the then Atletico professional Hernandez and his wife were sentenced to 31 days of community service and a six-month ban on contact in 2017 after a violent argument on the street. Nevertheless, the couple flew to Miami on their honeymoon and were arrested on their way back in Madrid for violating the ban on contact.

FC Bayern does not comment at first

Hernandez’s lawyers had appealed against the verdict, which according to “AS” is still being examined. In any case, according to the report, the defender will have to appear in court in Madrid next week – one day before FC Bayern play for the Champions League game at Benfica Lisbon.

FC Bayern was surprised by this report itself and initially did not want to comment publicly on the matter. It was initially a private matter of the player, it was said.

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