Imaray Ulloa upsets the networks with her question: Would you let your partner check your cell phone?

What to Imaray Ullaoa likes to provoke in his social networks is evident not only by the sexy pics that he shares, but also because of his frequent questions and confessions, which always provoke debate and lead his followers to question limits and given things, as happened when he confessed what does she do when she was jealous.

Her latest publication on Instagram has been no less: sitting from the sand wearing a flowered bikini, the Cuban actress residing in the United States asked her followers if they would allow their partners to freely check their cell phone and their social media accounts.

And as is often the case whenever he deliberately opens the debate, his audience was quick to react with divided opinions.

Not a few on Instagram – where it has more than 2 million followers – believed that in no way – among the arguments they cited the elementary right to privacy; others, on the other hand, said that they would not hesitate to do so because they felt that either they had nothing to hide or because of trust with their partner.

More than 98 thousand likes and nearly two thousand comments attest to the interest and controversy that his question aroused.

As is usually the case every time the young woman shares a photo where he boasts of a great body and toned figure The post was also followed by compliments and compliments: “You can check me whatever you want, mamacita”, “I would give you all mine”; “For you I even give the key to the trunk”; “Me with that Cuban girl right now”; “In the event that you were my partner, I let you review my record” or “You can even sleep with my cell phone” along with hundreds of compliments is read in the comments.

Among the comments is also read that of the Cuban director of audiovisuals Pedro Vázquez, who commented jokingly “My wife told me about having an open relationship, I excitedly said yes and she opened my cell phone.”

Weeks before, at the official end of the summer, Imaray Ulloa, recognized in the Lo Nuestro 2021 Awards as “Best LOL (Content Creators That Make Us Laugh)”, shared a sensual picture wearing a new look and a great body in a white bikini, who earned 175 thousand likes.

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