Former rector of the Shrine of the Basilica of Trindade (GO) and investigated for alleged embezzlement of money from donations by faithful, Father Robson de Oliveira Pereira, 47 years old, admitted on audio that he was participating in a scheme to circumvent contracts and knew of the risk of being arrested by the police.

“I’m the head of the gang”,

he says, in a snippet.

Father Robson – Disclosure

The recording was made by Father Robson himself, during a meeting with lawyers, and published by Jornal da Record, on Wednesday (24/11). The file was seized by the Public Ministry of the State of Goiás (MPGO), and inspected with authorization from the Justice.

Federal Police ask Superior Court of Justice to arrest Father Robson

During the meeting, as shown in the report, the priest and the legal team discuss strategies to try to camouflage the illegality of purchase contracts made on behalf of third parties by the Filhos do Pai Eterno Association, chaired by the religious until he is removed from the institution, after the MPGO launch Operation Vendilhões, in August 2020.

“This is not good”

At the meeting, Father Robson and his team recognize that, in the future, the contracts could be investigated, also because there could be difficulties in explaining the association’s relationship with real estate businesses and investments.

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