‘I’m going to lose my eye!’; video shows injured man from Dos Bocas Refinery

Local media published a video of a Facebook user in which the appearance of police officers during the demonstrations of the workers of the Dos Bocas refinery today in Tabasco and the attack on a young man who was injured in one of his eyes.

In the video transmission of more than 11 minutes, a large number of workers are shown protesting and running before the arrival of the state police, who were carrying shields.

I’m going to lose my eye, you motherfuckers!

At minute 10 shots are heard again and the screams of a young worker, also wearing an ICA Fluor uniform, who covered one of his eyes, which was bleeding. His companions tried to help him and despite seeing him dumped, the elements continued firing without appreciating the direction of the bullets.

From minute 2:45 of the recording you can perceive the sound of gunshots and seconds later how various elements encapsulate a man in an ICA Fluor worker uniform who moments later are helped by other colleagues.

National Guard rejects action at Dos Bocas Refinery due to workers collision

After this morning ICA Fluor workers, who were hired for the construction of the Dos Bocas Refinery, denounced attacks on their second day of work stoppage, the National Guard reported that it does not participate in any operation related to the Tabasco work .

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“The National Guard informs that at the moment, it does not participate in any procedure related to the Dos Bocas Refinery in Tabasco,” the agency said on social networks.

On the second day of the demonstration, the workers reported that at least 3 colleagues were injured during the protests that they maintain at the Dos Bocas facilities.

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