Illegal force to do home office

Workers of any company or industry that test positive for Covid 19 They cannot be required to work from home during their recovery period.

The Secretary of Labor, Liliana San Martín Castillo, pointed out that if an employee presents his social security disability, he does not have the obligation to work from home, while he is in isolation.

He warned that, in the event that an employer requests his employee to do so, despite having presented his disability, he could incur a fault and may be reported to the State Conciliation Center.

He considered that employers have to respect the dates issued in the disabilities that their employees present at the time of being positive when Covid 19. Regarding the request for the certificate of vaccination in some companies, Liliana San MartinHe said that it is not mandatory for it to be presented by workers, but it is a responsibility among those who live in a workplace on a daily basis.


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