If the weather conditions do not worsen, this Thursday they will put out the fires in front of Pueblo Esther

“The conditions are the worst that could be expected,” summed up the provincial director of South Zone Civil Protection, Juan Manuel Burgoa, about the tasks carried out by brigadistas from Santa Fe and peers from Entre Ríos to contain fires in island areas in the Rosario metropolitan area. The official clarified that if the weather conditions do not conspire, and the personnel are not affected by the extreme heat, this Thursday they would finish appeasing the flames lit in the Delta wetland in front of the towns of Pueblo Esther and Alvear, about 10 kilometers to the south of Rosario.

Burgoa explained that this Wednesday the first outbreaks were contained in that area, about 5 kilometers from the Santa Fe shore, and that they were now working on others, further east. Some 20 brigade members are involved in the task, including Volunteer Firefighters and specialized personnel from the Civil Protection of Santa Fe and the Police of Entre Ríos. The operation includes a helicopter from Entre Ríos.

Spotlights in front of Alvear and Pueblo Esther. Source: Nasa Firms.

The Director of Civil Protection clarified before the consultation of The citizen that, in this case, there is no “interface risk”. Translated: there are no local houses on the land affected by the fire. He added that these are small sources, but given the atmospheric conditions of the Paraná downspout, high temperatures and low humidity, the decision is to start operations as soon as the fire is detected, to avoid that this scenario – “the worst possible”, defined – together with the wind spread the accident quickly.

More than 20 brigade members battle two fire sources on the ground near Alvear

Although the fires on the islands in front of the Greater Rosario were reactivated since Tuesday in the area of ​​Entre Ríos islands and some in continental grasslands, the official stressed that the most serious situation occurs in the metropolitan area of ​​Santa Fe. There were, he said, more than 20 brigadistas departures this Wednesday. There are houses there at risk of being hit by fire, both on the mainland and on islands, which in the region are under the jurisdiction of Santa Fe.

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