“If the Horeca has to close, it’s a revolution”: the Brussels sector decides to claim its rights

Forgotten by the latest Codeco, the Horeca sector is waiting… But don’t twiddle your thumbs. “We are getting used to it and we expected nothing to change. We met some ministers of the Brussels government before the end of the year celebrations to find a monthly solution to the loss of turnover of establishments“, explains Hugues Herbinaux, member of the RestoBar Brussels collective.

The RestoBar Bruxellois collective plans to review the cabinet of Brussels Minister Barbara Trachte next week about monthly aid to establishments. According to Hugues, the majority of establishments were preparing to close after the last Codeco, oblivion is ultimately synonymous with relief. “If the Horeca has to close, it’s a revolution“.

The manager of the restaurant Zotte Mouche, in the city center, loses hope. “We don’t even know how to react anymore, on the one hand we’re disappointed, because once again, it’s the same sectors that we let struggle, and on the other hand we’re relieved that they don’t reduce our freedom and our opening hours“. He adds looking forward to a return to normal so he can breathe.”Our restaurant is young and we tremble with each Codeco announcement, it’s not a life“.

So the RestoBar Brussels collective has decided to react and is sending a letter to the federal government on Thursday about the restrictive rules imposed on the sector since March 2020. One of its arguments: the reduction in beds occupied in ICUs for a few days. “You don’t change the rules of a football game in the middle of a game“, launches Hugues Herbinaux to compare this course already used with several surprises to reopen the doors of the Horeca after the confinements.

He also recalls that studies show that the Horeca is not the place where the virus circulates the most. “If they decide to keep these measures, we ask for a compensatory measure directly linked to our turnover and to lower the VAT to 6%.“, states Hugues Herbinaux. Following the next Codeco, which will take place next week. The date is not yet known.

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