IBM launches global plan to provide technology education to more than 30 million people

The multinational company will implement this plan in light of the new demands of the labor market reformulated by the Covid-19 pandemic

IBM will launch a global plan to provide technology education to more than 30 million people, before the new demands that appear in the works for the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is a global plan to educate 30 million people of all ages in the new skills for the jobs of tomorrow by 2030. We have talked a lot about the fact that the pandemic brought digital acceleration, but then the problem is that we do not necessarily have the capacities in the market for companies to be able to face this challenge, on how to use the cloud and artificial intelligence “, declared Eduardo Gutiérrez, President and CEO of IBM México, at a press conference.

The change in new technological skills has caused 45% of organizations to find no talent to fill these vacancies.

On labor market challenges and technology skills gaps, IBM elaborated that will promote 170 new alliances with educational institutions to create innovative solutions that correspond to the ‘new reality’.

The home office activated the company to provide new solutions.

“In the case of Mexico, the Universidad Panamericana will provide dynamic content and programs for students to develop critical activities to contribute to their professional career, especially in artificial intelligence and data science,” he added.

In the last 18 months, the pandemic caused more than 23 million people will retire temporarily of the labor market, increasing the world unemployment rate by 10.6%. according to the World Labor Organization (ILO).

The IBM executive reiterated that this lack of technological training causes an economic and social gap in corporations as it slows down talent as well as the ability to innovate.

Technology education, a new challenge for IBM.

Technology education, a new challenge for IBM.

In addition, he added that five differentials of technological education are:

  • Education for all through programs aimed at different segments (from high school student to professionals)
  • Relevant content adapted to different languages
  • Agendas with a business focus
  • Supporting the communities where IBM operates
  • Personalized business support

“It will be a 360 degree learning approach, IBM’s social education efforts are focused on educational equity and inclusion of the workforce, that is why we partner with key public actors and ensure that all students can participate at no cost, “explained Gutiérrez.

Return to the offices

Beyond the fact that companies are planning a hybrid work scheme for the exit from the pandemic, remote work is also imposed within that plan. Four out of 10 companies that participated in a survey mentioned that There will only be two face-to-face sessions per week among your requirements. Added to this is another 17% who will only ask employees to perform tasks on company premises one day a week.

19% of those who already implement this scheme or plan to do so this year chose to go to the company three times a week, and only 8% will attend four days a week, with only one from home-office.

It is worth noting that already 11% of the firms surveyed that bet on the hybrid model, decided that presence will be only on the occasions when it is necessary. That is to say, there will be no scheduled office days but will be attended when the tasks to be carried out merit it, when it is in line with the business objectives, etc.

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