I will offer you houses and sun at will!

Selling Sunset from Netflix is ​​the quintessential “bag of chips” series. You snap it open, you dig into it happily, you reach the bottom without realizing it and you want more. More tangy flavors, more flamboyant packaging and more Maserati, thank you.

Do we feel smarter after gorging on so much bling-bling TV? Absolutely not. And who cares. Selling Sunset – Where Sun to spare in French version – warms up this bleak November with its magnificent views of Los Angeles, rows of majestic palm trees and dreamy infinity pools. That’s all we ask. Escape and superb homes.

After more than a year of absence, the real estate amazons of the Oppenheim Group are in fact raising their Louboutin pumps to $ 1,000 for a fourth season filled with office dramas, star clients (French Montana, Simu Liu) and huge patio doors impossible to open.

This new chapter – offered in full on Netflix – starts slowly, but speeds up to the fifth episode with the return of a pivotal character in the bickering around the (horrible) metal offices of the terrifying twins Jason and Brett’s agency. Oppenheim. They or the Annabelle doll, same effect of horror.

For the uninitiated, Selling Sunset follows brokers specializing in the sale of luxury residences in the Hollywood Hills. The more the seasons progress, the more the real estate aspect of the series fades. As in everything docusoap who respects himself, it is the quarrel between the girls – and a few guys, let’s not be sexist – that feeds the story.

In the “teléréel” genre, Selling Sunset excels. The edgy editing, the flattering light, the Chanel clothes and pop music lying on California footage, the episodes shine on our screens. The choice of the characters was also done in a clever way. Even though you never stray from the stereotypes of the mean, the naive, the girl next door, the snake woman and the romantic, it works wonderfully, like a canary yellow Lamborghini in the hallway. of a cabin worth 14 million.

We reconnect with the agents of Selling Sunset 4 as the naughty on duty, busty Christine Quinn, is about to deliver her first baby. Will motherhood appease the one who proclaims herself the “service bitch”? “We do not change”, would sing here Celine Dion or her clownish version Aline Dieu in the film by Valérie Lemercier.

Two weeks after having a Caesarean, blonde Christine stands on dizzying heels and resumes yoga, as if she had never carried a child. His case is straightforward science fiction.

No matter. Christine and her impossible designer outfits remain at the heart of the new intrigues of Selling Sunset. The difference ? Since the departure of Davina, who left the Oppenheim group after the castle fiasco unsold at 75 million, Christine has hardly any allies at the coffee machine. Mary doesn’t talk to her anymore, Chrishell hates her, Heather doesn’t respond to her texts, in short, Christine gets her coin back, but kisses herself royally by trying to coax the new broker Vanessa, a former actress of TV soaps Mexican.

What ? A second Chrishell on the show? Yes Madam. The other recruit from Selling Sunset 4 generates quite a bit more buzz. This is Emma Hernan, a former model who notably posed for Sports Illustrated. Two words for you: “dra-me”.

the party for the dogs Niko and Zelda in the fifth episode is a gem of cheesy extravagance. The two doggies are receiving Tiffany gifts, hold on tight. The highlight of this dog show? The reading of a poem by their daddy Jason, still dressed in tight-fitting t-shirts.

Celine around the world

The interview granted by Claudette and Michel Dion to Julie Snyder ignited the French media on Wednesday. “On the plateau of The week of 4 Julie, Michel and Claudette have completely shot down Valérie Lemercier’s feature film ”, writes the French edition of the magazine Vanity Fair.

“Celine Dion’s family furious with the film Aline », Notes the Madame Figaro. The scathing and justified remarks of Céline’s godfather and godmother, broadcast on Tuesday evening on Noovo, were notably repeated in Paris Match, Gala, here is, Closer, the Huff Post and on the site of popular blogger Jean-Marc Morandini.

As the director and actress Valérie Lemercier canceled her participation in The week of 4 Julie, Claudette and Michel were invited back on Wednesday evening to take part in the quiz: do you know your Celine, a question of restoring very well-known facts that were twisted during the making ofAline.

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