"I was annoyed with Moreno; you have to walk the neighborhoods, not just talk to the press"

The candidate for councilor for the Federal Republican Party, Luciano Martos, said this morning that he was “annoyed” with Guillermo Moreno because “when you come from Buenos Aires to Bahia you can’t just come to talk to the press, you have to walk the neighborhoods , see how people speak, what they feel, how they express themselves, how they move their hands. “

“I respect Moreno, he has its own weight at the national level. I was annoyed with Moreno’s visit. They can give me all the press in the world, but if I don’t walk, people don’t see me and don’t listen to me. Here you have to come. and walk the city, take the time; if not this is verse and the same music as always. You have to be with the people; if not, don’t get involved in politics. If you want to do politics for the better eh, because there are many artists who They say they are politicians … “, the quill also added.

Martos surpassed the PASO at the local level, obtaining 2.6% of the votes last Sunday (the floor is 1.5%); However, he will go with a “short” ballot to the general elections since his party was aligned with Guillermo Moreno at the provincial level (Federal Republican), who did not manage to overcome the primaries.

In dialogue with Panorama, by LU2, Martos said that he is “very excited about what happened because after four years of going through politics, it is shown that one can work and through management and what one has in mind for the Council, we are going to achieve it “.

“I have no doubt that we will be there on December 10,” he said.

“I highly value being constantly with the citizen, talking, the presence of always. One, even if it is listening and accompanying, is” he continued. “On Sunday people who have the document 1,440,000 went to vote. Some were to the Roman Village, others are 90. How could I not make an effort and work harder! “.

The candidate also mentioned that now “we have to work hard in these two months of the campaign.”

“I see that the effort has been rewarded and for me it is an honor to be there and to arrive as a candidate for the city of Bahía Blanca,” he said.

In another order, he maintained that if the national government does not change, it will receive “another slap” like the one last Sunday.

“You have to be with the citizen without being arrogant. With money we are all good politicians and with money we are all beautiful. You have to walk the street; many forgot to do it or walk a month before. There are people who go for the photo and that. people see it, they no longer eat the tangerine (sic), “he said.

“If they don’t change, another slap will come. I hope they reflect because I want everyone to do well; but the one who suffers and the one who pays the adjustment are the retired, the unemployed, the ones who have a very bad time. They are never going to make the adjustment and eat the best cake. Let’s work together and push forward, “he added.

Meanwhile, he said that at the local level, the results obtained by the Frente de Todos in the PASO “were several slaps together.”

“It is demonstrated with the vote that it was not a slap, there were several slaps together. Their faces turn like the needle of a clock. They handle themselves in their own way, they have their advisers, they will know how to start,” he replied.

“I worry about the ballot that I head, which will mark a story because now Luciano is going alone. And Luciano is only going to travel much more and he will have many more votes,” he completed.

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