I wanted to give birth but I had a C-section and that doesn’t make me any less of a mom

I wanted a delivery but I had a C-section and that doesn’t make me any less of a mom. | Pexels

I wanted to give birth but I had a C-section and that doesn’t make me any less of a mom. I say this because there is never a lack of people who tell me that I did not suffer when bringing my son into the world and that “it was not natural”. In my case like that of many, it was a decision for the good of my baby and me and I don’t regret it.

I’m tired of motherhood always being drawn to us as something natural, beautiful and simple. I clarify, I don’t regret being a mom but real life is not what you see in the movies or in magazines and we have to accept that what works for some of us doesn’t work for all of us and that’s fine.

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Me pregnancy had no complications, but in the last days before giving birth my pressure started to rise, I I just thought that my baby was okay and although for a long time I imagined a birth without anesthesia, although I spent hours making a plan, I understood that motherhood was something unpredictable and that the best way to stay calm was to accept that things could change.

For safety’s sake, they scheduled a cesarean section for me and everything went well, yes, I didn’t suffer labor pain, my water didn’t break, I didn’t experience that adrenaline rush of going from home to the hospital with the pain, but that doesn’t make me less mom. In addition to the process of being a mother and adjusting to this new adventure, I underwent surgery where several layers of skin were cut and weeks passed to feel like myself again.

My body has still recovered from a pregnancy, I have bled, it has hurt, I have had to have cures and I do not regret anything, especially when my baby sleeps in my arms and smiles.

Breastfeeding or formula does not make us less mothers, having a birth or cesarean section does not make us less mothers, working at home or outside does not make us less mothers, cooking every day or buying ready-made food does not make us less mothers, caring for our children alone or relying on someone else doesn’t make us any less of a mom either.

I wanted a delivery but I had a C-section and that doesn't make me any less of a mom.  pexels

Being a mom is the greatest adventure of my life.

Beyond the way we take care of our children, the important thing is that they are well cared for, healthy, happy, even mischievous, that they see that we do everything for them but without losing ourselves in motherhood forgetting ourselves.

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Being a mother is not only taking care of our children, it is also learning to take care of ourselves., accepting this new life and adapting to the world with that little piece of our heart that lives outside the body, is to seek to be the best version of ourselves so that these children face the world with the best tools, with love, with security, with intelligence. , with effort.

I know it’s not mother’s day but we don’t need a special date to remember that being a mom is one of the best, most beautiful and most difficult jobs in the world, to remember that nothing fills our hearts like seeing our children shine and succeed and that a happy child is a goal for which there can be many routes, that everyone can take the one they want and still reach that great destination.

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