"I needed attention": Doja Cat remembers when Kanye West snatched the mic from Taylor Swift

UNITED STATES.- Tonight the best of pop music met at Barcalays Center in Brooklyn, New York for the delivery of the MTV Video Music Awards 2021. The event has already given the audience some impressive performances and has given much to talk about .

One of the most talked about moments during the awards was that Doja Cat made a reference to that unforgettable moment when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s speech. The singer mentioned that she remembered that she had watched VMAs for a long time, ever since “Kanye was looking for attention”, he claimed. Later he recalled other moments of the awards, such as Lady Gaga’s meat dress and Beyoncé’s pregnancy revelation, but the comment about Kanye did not go unnoticed by Internet users who took the opportunity to remember the uncomfortable moment.

At that time, Taylor was receiving the award for “Best Female Music Video” for the song “You Belong To Me”, and during her thank you speech the rapper took the microphone from her to say that Beyoncé deserved the award more than she did.

The episode was one of the great scandals in the history of the awards since It caused great indignation that the rapper humiliated the young woman in one of the most important moments of her career and that he demerited her work. The incident had a very big impact for Taylor, since from this originated his enmity with the Kardashian-West marriage which led to the scandal that ruined his reputation for a time.

It all started when Taylor was upset that Kanye said in his song “Famous” that the fame of the young woman was due to that scandal that they starred in the VMAs of 2009; in addition to referring to her with insults and using her face in the music video. In response, Kim Kardashian posted a video where Taylor allegedly gave her approval for the song to be released, so He accused her of being a hypocrite and called her a viper.

Back then the world turned against Taylor, many celebrities made bad comments about the young woman and used the snake emoji to refer to her. This caused the singer to withdraw from public life for almost a year. However, Taylor was not resting during this period; he was preparing his new album Reputation, Which was a successful rebirth in his career and with which he released the song titled “Look what you made me do” where accuses Kim Kardashian of taking the video out of context and handling everything at her convenience.

The video became one of the most viewed on the platform and Taylor he seized the bad image attributed to him and used it for this new project that had a colossal success. He even made the snake image his own and used it for the visual part of his theme.

Today, Taylor’s career is more active than ever.
He released three full albums in less than a year as well as his Netflix documentary and is currently working on the Red album. (Taylor’s version) which will be released in November of this year.

Possibly because of this,
It caused outrage among Taylor fans that the singer did not receive the award for Best Artist of the Year, which was awarded to Justin Bieber. Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo and Ariana Grande were also nominated in the category.

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