“I know why you cried”: Britney Spears posts cryptic message after her sister’s tears on the set of “Good Morning America”

Last Wednesday, Jamie Lynn Spears spoke for the first time publicly on television since the lifting of the guardianship of his big sister, bursting into tears at the mention of their strained relationship in recent times. Britney Spears answered him cryptically.

The singer was indeed staged in a disturbing video shared on her Instagram account yesterday. The pop star was filmed on a most surprising title, “The wife of my friend”, by Enrico Macias. And the words question, since we hear the French artist sing: “I know why you cried and sadly looked at me.” I can take you in my arms, to kiss your red eyes ». While this isn’t the first time the American star has used this song for an Instagram post, the timing is something to think about.

With this new publication, does Britney Spears intend to bury the hatchet with her little sister, even though she has been settling accounts with her family for a few months? She had also deleted her younger sister from her Instagram contacts earlier this month. Unless she suggests that Jamie Lynn Spears betrayed her and let her down, as Britney Spears has been implying since the lifting of her guardianship, but that she forgive him? There are many speculations and anything is possible.

An answer to her sister’s crying

However, it is difficult not to see a link with the interview granted by Jamie Lynn Spears to “Good Morning America”, broadcast Wednesday January 12 in the United States and teased on Tuesday by the ABC channel. Coming to discuss the release of her memoir entitled “Thing I Should Have Said”, the thirty-something returned for the first time to her relationship with Britney Spears, who accuses her of not being having supported.

Asked by journalist JuJu Chang on “the causes of this rift between them,” Jamie Lynn Spears, tears in her eyes and sobs in her voice, explained: “The love is still 100% there. I like my sister. I have always loved and supported her and done what was right for her and she knows it, so I don’t know why she is in this position now ”.

She also explained to have “been the greatest support of (her) sister”, specifying having “done everything to ensure that she had the contacts to move forward”.

She also recalled that she was only 17 years old and that she was expecting her first child when the interpreter of Toxic was put under guardianship. A speech Britney Spears has so far refuted.

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