I have it lot program raffled: look at the winners

The Province held this Monday in the Córdoba Lottery the raffle for the I Have It program, promoted by the Ministries of Public Works and the Promotion of Employment and the Family Economy.

It was about draw of a total of 194 lots: 90 in Coronel Moldes, 41 in Las Perdices, 30 in Despeñaderos and the rest distributed between Pascanas, Colonia Marina, Las Vertientes, Pampayasta Norte, La Cumbre, Toro Pujio, Balnearia, Las Acequias and Toledo.

The Lo Tengo program consists of the transfer for consideration of lots with basic infrastructure for residents of the province with the objective that they build their first home.

The beneficiaries of the program they will have the possibility to pay the lot in up to 180 installments. For this, the Government of Córdoba makes a total investment of $ 251,097,869.

The winners of the draw will be able to consult the results in the Digital Citizen website.

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