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The Mon Laferte and José Feliciano imitators met for the third time in I am, great international battles on Thursday, January 13. At the end of both presentations, the jury made up of Mauri Stern, Katia Palma, Jorge Henderson and Janick Maceta decided to award the second one, who surprised everyone by performing the mirror challenge (singing with a video of the original artist).

After a tiebreaker finally took place, Oriana Montero, who characterizes the Chilean singer, spoke through her official account of Instagram with a message that moved his more than 97,000 followers.

“I know why I say it and I am proud. My beautiful audience was asking me for it and I couldn’t say no despite the complications. I think that having a space to give back to them how much they have given me is not a battle, but rather an arena, where those few minutes are a blessing. I love you and I will always be Mon Laferte for you ”, he wrote.

Imitator of Mon Laferte proud of the versus against ‘José Feliciano’ in Yo soy. Photo: Oriana Montero / Instagram


In this way, the Mon Laferte impersonator made it clear that she was satisfied with the versus with ‘Jose Feliciano’, beyond the result obtained.

How was the duel between ‘Mon Laferte’ and ‘José Feliciano’?

For this last tiebreaker battle, the Mon Laferte impersonator performed the song “My good love”, with which she delighted all the members of the jury.

In turn, Sebastián Landa, José Feliciano’s ‘double’, chose to sing “How it was” in the mirror challenge, making those present stand up.

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What is I am, great international battles?

I am, great battles international is a Peruvian television game show in which prominent imitators from different countries face off in order to occupy one of the five consecrated seats.

The judges of Yo soy have a difficult task in this new season. Photo: I am / Instagram.

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