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The former participant of I am Hugo Apaza, who became known for his imitation of Ricardo Montaner, has worried his followers after sharing a photograph in which he can see the artist on crutches. In addition, the young man left an emotional message on his social networks, where users did not take long to wish him prompt improvement. Now, the singer reappeared to say that he will start therapies after removing the plaster splint from his left foot.

The artist published through Instagram stories some small videos where he records the precise moment when ‘Ricardo Montaner’ is on a hospital gurney with a specialist checking his leg in a cast.

In a second post, Apaza wrote. , next to a photograph, where the plaster splint is being removed, because a few days ago, the singer assured that he will continue to move forward as an even stronger person after having suffered an accident in one of his legs.

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Impersonator suffered panic attack and left television set

The various presentations of ‘Ricardo Montaner’ in Yo soy has surprised the jury of the singing reality on more than one occasion. However, Hugo Apaza, who imitates the Venezuelan, left the set of the program while performing “Will.” The participant’s act left Mauri Stern, Tony Succar, Katia Palma and Maricarmen Marín speechless, since they showed that they had forgotten the lyrics of the song.

Hugo Apaza, ‘Ricardo Montaner’ from Yo soy, could not reinterpret the song “Will”. Photo: Capture America

‘Ricardo Montaner’ reappeared in I am, great battles

Hugo Apaza returned to Yo soy, great battles as a challenger to duel with Jairo Tafur, who imitates Dyango. After making his presentations, ‘Ricardo Montaner’ was very grateful after abruptly leaving the television set while singing. “There is never too much gratitude to those who did not abandon you in your worst moments. Thank God for his immense goodness that accompanies me and gives me strength every day. Infinite thanks to you who have always believed in me, for you and for you I will always sing with my heart. Thanks to my colleagues, the program for the opportunity, my family, friends. We are going for more, because I am Ricardo Montaner ”.

‘Ricardo Montaner’ after his participation in Yo soy “Vamos por más”

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