Hundreds of flights canceled in China after a few cases of Covid-19 in Shanghai

A few months before the Olympic Games which will begin in Beijing on February 4, the country wants to limit at all costs the risks of contamination and practices a health policy which aims for “zero infection”.

It results in a drastic limitation of entries into its territory, mandatory quarantines, confinements and massive screening as soon as a few cases appear.

Travel is also strictly monitored via mobile applications, which allows contact cases to be identified quickly.

Three friends, who had traveled together around Shanghai last week, tested positive for Covid-19, local authorities said Thursday. All were already vaccinated.

To avoid any transmission of the virus to other regions, more than 500 flights were canceled Friday from the two airports in the Chinese economic capital, according to the specialized site VariFlight.

The Shanghai Municipality has also suspended all tourist group travel to the nearby city of Suzhou, where the three infected people had traveled.

Suzhou, with a population of around 13 million, is famous for its canals and imperial gardens.

The city has closed its tourist sites and now requires a negative test for people wishing to go to another locality.

In the greater Shanghai area, a university campus has been quarantined in Hangzhou (east) after the identification of a contact case among staff, the official press reported.

China on Friday reported 13 new cases of Covid-19 on its territory the day before.

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