Huaxtla irregular garbage dump will stop operating in the not too distant future: Semadet

Although they recognize that the Huaxtla garbage dump does not comply with the regulation, the Secretary of the State for the Environment, Sergio Graff Montero, said that will continue to operate until there is no alternative for the disposal of waste from the neighboring municipalities. The official denied that they had given him authorization to expand, despite the indications of residents of the area who denounced that the garbage is being deposited 200 meters from the Protected Natural Area of ​​the La Primavera forest.

“It is a site of disposal that does not comply; however, there is a disposal site that municipalities carry their waste and that will have to be closed in the not too distant future. We have to first find the solutions for this; otherwise we would affect the essential public service of garbage collection of the municipalities. We are working for an inter-municipal system in that region ”, he stated.

He added that they carry out surveillance work, said that on October 20 they made an ordinary inspection visit and that there is an open administrative procedure.

The Secretary He addressed the issue of the irregular garbage dump during the gloss of the third government report after being questioned by the deputy of Morena, Óscar Vásquez Llamas.

Outside the state Congress, a group of people demonstrated against the operation of the garbage dump. They asserted that State authorities have been bypassed despite the environmental impact generated by the irregular garbage dump.

“We have not had any response from the state or municipal authorities, there is an omission on their part; they don’t give an answer. We want an immediate solution so as not to affect the health of the inhabitants, conserve the flora, fauna and water tables and not affect the crops in the area, ”said Elizabeth Chávez, one of the protesters.

Neighbors of the municipalities of Amatitán, Tequila and El Arenal maintain that in the Valles Region there are another 11 dumps that do not comply with the rules. The protesters were attended by the Green Party deputy, Erika Ramírez, who also requested the intervention of state authorities during the speech.



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