How to tell someone you like and not fail in the attempt

Maybe if you cheer up it can be a rewarding feeling

We’ve all been through that, the moment infatuation becomes more than that and we want to tell them that we feel a little more for them. The moment is scary and can be very intimidating. You start to wonder if the person you like has the same feelings, if they only see you as a friend, how they will react to your confession and if it is really worth saying something to them or not.

Telling the person you like that is one of the hardest things to do, but it can be one of the most rewarding and exciting.. When you think you have gathered the courage to tell him how you really feel, and there are a number of suggestions to ponder before expressing it, so here are some suggestions

Before telling someone your feelings you must be sure

Before telling someone your feelings you must be sure

Meditate how you feel

Before you tell the person you like that you like him, you better know exactly how you feel. You don’t want to admit your feelings and then make it become a temporary thing that will only last a week. You need to know if you can see yourself in a real relationship with this person.

Once you’ve clearly established that you have real feelings for the person you like, it’s time to work on the scary part and tell them because the conversation will be worth the anxieties. You will know if you are destined to be with this person or not, instead of regretting never having told him how you really feel.

Set a deadline

Now that you know you want to talk to the person you like, it’s important to set a deadline for when it should happen. Nerves are hard to overcome and if you know for sure that you can’t just get up and say it anytime, go ahead and set a deadline for yourself.

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We all need a little push sometimes. Set a date and even write it on your calendar as a reminder. Whatever you do, don’t keep putting it off because the longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to say something and the more time you’ll give them to consider someone else because you haven’t said you like them that way.

Choose the moment

There is never a right time to tell the person you like that you are sorry on a deeper level, but there are factors that go into creating an ideal time for conversation. You want to tell the person you like that you like them after you’ve spent enough time with them to really get to know them.

Jumping before knowing who they really are as a person is not the ideal situation. You should also consider external circumstances that could cause you to suspend the confession. Don’t start the conversation if one of you is still working to get over your ex, just looking to flirt, or if either of you suffered emotional trauma or stress. This is an important conversation, so you need to make sure the timing is the best it can be.

Say it in person, not in message

This is a face-to-face type of conversation; It should not be discussed by text message or through anyone’s direct messages. Even if the thought of telling the person you like how you feel makes you giddy, it is still something you should do in person. It should be discussed in an informal, semi-private setting so that no one feels embarrassed or nervous during the conversation.

Keep the atmosphere informal, like talking on a walk or meeting on the beach, means that there are not too many people, but that they can still feel comfortable with each other. Keep it light and don’t scare them by saying you have something you need to talk about because that makes it weird.

Just say it

The goal of the meeting is to tell the person you like that you have feelings for them, so you will have to say those words: “I like you.” It doesn’t have to be a huge profession of love, because honestly, it’s still love, but you have to go out there and let them know what and how you feel. Mixed communication will only confuse everyone and prevent you from saying what you want to say and getting a reaction from the person you like.

If he tells you, don’t try to take it personally

It’s hard enough telling the person you like that you have feelings for them, but it’s even harder when they don’t feel the same. You may feel a little hurt at first, but remember that there is someone who will feel for you that way. This crush was not that.

It is better that you have expressed your feelings rather than just pining for this crush without them knowing. You better not be stuck in this place than not knowing why now you can go ahead and find the one that is right for you.

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Telling someone you like takes great courage

Telling someone you like takes great courage

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