How to take care of your Chinese or wavy hair

Hair needs specific care to stay healthy and with a healthy appearance. Going to a beauty salon does not guarantee that it looks pretty, that is why taking care of it from home is the best option, then I will tell you how you can achieve it with these simple tips.

Know your hair

In the market there are countless cosmetic treatments and natural masks for hair care, but here the main thing is that you identify the trouble and know how to choose the right products to treat it, since saturating it will not bring you the results you expect.

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Use wide tooth combs

Brushing is very important, since choosing the correct one will prevent it from chipping, since it is easy for knots to form that are a bit difficult to remove. It is advisable to only brush when the hair is damp, in addition to using a conditioner that will give it more softness.

Forget the towels

The custom is that when we go out to bathe we rub our hair in our towel, mistake, stop doing it, better dry your hair with a cloth of cotton, you will notice a difference right away, as the frizz will decrease. Ideally, pat dry very gently.

Try the no-poo

This is a trick recommended mainly in women who have hair curly, since it consists of washing it without shampoo or conditioner. One of the main benefits is that you will free your hair from many chemicals that we subject it to on a daily basis.

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Styling cream

Pick the one that’s exactly right for defined curls, as wearing it after you get out of a bath will ensure that they look beautiful. For best results you can mix the conditioner with your cream To comb like this, it will be softer.

Choose the best cut

A layered haircut will be your best ally, as it will prevent it from looking even and shapeless, so each time you go to cut it choose an option degrafilada. Dare to show off your curls in a daring and stylish way, you will dazzle wherever you go.

Leave the chemicals behind

The oil on the scalp is one of the worst consequences that the excessive use of cosmetics brings for the watch out of the hair. Choose natural options, which are free of sulfates, salts, paraffins, or silicones. There are already exist in any supermarket.

How to take care of your Chinese or wavy hair. Photo: pexels

If you follow these recommendations to the letter you will make your hair look with defined curls as the days go by and with a lot of personality. Another recommendation is that you never sleep with wet hair, it is an action that you will regret, I am sure.

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