How to prevent apps from stealing your personal data

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco.- The theft of personal data is a crime in which all people with a cell phone can be victims, mainly through mobile applications, know how to avoid them.

Arturo Jafet Rodríguez Muñoz, expert in Computer Systems at the Universidad Panamericana (UP), said that nowadays cases where there is data theft through the use of mobile applications are common.

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To avoid them, he pointed out that when downloading an application, mainly free, it is important that the user read the “small letters”, where they indicate the rights and conditions.

There are many applications for many tasks, but to use these tools you always have to read the fine print of each application, it is very common that many applications that we use are free, but these are the ones we should be suspicious of “, he added.

For example, he explained that when the Face app became popular, many people used it without realizing that their photos would be used for other purposes.

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In addition, he mentioned that it is necessary to keep track of the applications that one installs and uses on his phone, this in case there is any security problem.

Advised do not use public networks, since it is the most common and simple way to extract a person’s data through their mobile phone.

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