How to make the cell phone notify you by voice when it has finished charging 100%

There is a way to get the cell phone to notify you when the battery has been fully charged. Then the step by step

Although a cell phone is unlikely to explode, many users continue to fear based on the device’s battery overheating if it is charged for several hours in a row. However, there is a new feature that alerts you when the phone is fully charged.

It is true that these types of incidents can occur, but it is not the case of cell phones with lithium ion batteries, which are prepared to withstand several hours of charge without generating a detonation. That is why it is important to know the characteristics of the mobile that we use to avoid damage.

The app

On Android OS devices, there is a way to make sure the battery is 100% charged. It is a free external application called Automate, which must be installed from the Play Store.

First you have to download the Automate app.

One disadvantage is that the app is only available in the English language. However, automation is pretty straightforward. Next, the steps to follow to configure it on your cell phone.

Step by step

The first step to do is download, open the Automate app, and accept the permissions. Then press the icon with the sum symbol enclosed in a blue circle located at the bottom (+), to be able to add the first automation block.

Configure the automatisms.

Upon entering, you will see a screen with a single block called “Flow Beginning”. The next step is to press the “+” button again to add the first block and place a title on it. For example: “Battery 100%”. Press “Save” in the upper right corner.

Press the “+” again and a side menu will be displayed with several sections organized by functions.. In this instance you have to choose the “Battery & power” option, then click on the “Battery level” option. Two options will open, “Go” and “In”, touch the last one.

Finally save and press “Start”.

In the “Input arguments” section, change the “Minimum level” value to “100%” and save the changes. In this way, the automation will run when the battery reaches this charge level. Touch the “+” and press “Speak”. Write the message you want the cell phone to say in “Message”. Example: “Battery charged”.

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