How to make a homemade hamburger

Succeed with your homemade hamburger

The advantage of cooking your hamburger at home is that you can personalize it endlessly. From the choice of meat (or vegetable steak for a vegetarian burger), through the different seasonings, toppings and types of bread, anything goes! In the classic recipe, a hamburger is generally made up of a minced steak, two round breads called “buns”, raw vegetables (salad, tomato, onions, pickles) and a ketchup, mayo or burger sauce. Good to know: the lightly sweet pickles from the famous multi-layered burger of a famous fast-food chain are called “malossol pickles”. They can be found in supermarkets under the name “sweet and sour pickles”.

The bread

You can use ready-made bread, or opt for an even healthier solution: prepare it yourself!

First mix sugar and yeast with hot water and then let stand. Then add eggs and melted butter, followed by the flour and a little salt. For this recipe, it is better to use wheat flour, T45, T55 or T65.

Once your dough is smooth, divide it into balls. Let it grow before brushing the breads with beaten egg white and sprinkling with sesame seeds. All that remains is to put in the oven.


For beef burgers, as in the classic recipe, mix the minced meat with a small sliced ​​onion, parsley, salt and pepper for more flavor. Then form the desired size into pavers, which are cooked in a greased pan for about 2 minutes on each side.

If you want to make a cheeseburger, just place a slice of cheese on your flipped steaks, and cover the pan so that it melts properly. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper!

If cheddar is the king of this recipe, you can also “Frenchize” your burger by incorporating raclette, Roquefort, Saint-Nectaire, or even Camembert.


All you have to do is spread your favorite sauce on each half of the bread, then add the meat and the garnish (salad, tomato, onions, washed and sliced ​​pickles for example) between the two.
For a more crispy effect, you can also toast your breads before assembling your burgers. And for added freshness, herbs are also a delicious option.

Whether it’s meaty, cheesy, vegetal, or spicy, to never run out of inspiration, here is a selection of our most beautiful homemade hamburger recipes.

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