How to know if a man needs you but doesn’t love you

¿How to know if a man needs you but doesn’t love you? The subject is delicate because although we like to feel like an important part in his life and perhaps the most important, talking about a need and not love speaks of emotional deficiencies that he is avoiding with us, the bad news is that a relationship like this almost always fails.

Necessity is the mother of relationships that harm us, make the other depend on us in such a way that it invades our space, limits the rest of our relationships such as friends and family, limits our personal development and more, it needs us so much that he wants us to always be there doing what he doesn’t want to do for himself.

The man who needs you is selfish Because even though he wants you by his side, this is to be good for him, to satisfy his needs but he will rarely take care of yours and thus manipulation or worse can come.

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It’s that easy, the man who loves you respects you, thinks about your well-being, motivates you to be better and is capable of sacrificing what he wants at times in order to see you happyThink about the common good and not only what is convenient for you, let’s look at it in depth.

Signs that a man needs you but doesn’t love you

The man who needs you is exalted when he thinks he can lose you, when you are not with him even if you are not doing anything wrong, the following points will help you to discover if your relationship is based on love or need:

He gets upset when you are not there for him

Your partner demands that you always be available to see him, listen to him, be with him, he absorbs your life but when you expect him to support you, he is conspicuous by his absence and invents the strangest pretexts to try to justify yourself, he makes you feel alone in the moments more difficult.

He tells you everything … but does not make you part of his plans and decisions

Your partner tells you everything he wants to do but does not ask for your opinion, he even asks you to do something to help him, but he does things without thinking about whether or not they are good for you. Let’s say he uses you, but he does not see himself in the future with you, he does not give you the place of his partner in your life.

He asks too much of you but gives you little

Yes, being with that partner is tiring because it demands a lot from you both physically and emotionally, but it doesn’t care about what you feel and it almost forces you to settle for what little it gives.

You have changed your life to please him

Your partner is so special that you have had to do circus, rope and theater to keep him happy but nothing is enough and also, your partner is not willing to sacrifice things for your happiness or well-being.

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You feel better when he is not with you, you rest

It hurts to accept it but the relationship has become so difficult that you feel better when your partner is not with you and you have considered that it would be a good idea to end the relationship.

A partner who needs you but does not love you is using you to satisfy their emotional needs, but behind all this there is a person who refuses to work on their well-being, to take charge of their life and therefore will always see you as the Because of his problems, do not let him fool you, that battle is his and he is the only person who can solve it, your job is not to fix his life.

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