How to be a really elegant woman

Being elegant is a lifestyle that some women decide to adopt and it goes beyond wearing luxury brand clothing, footwear and accessories, it has to do with good taste, attitude, education and class. Perhaps you have been wondering what is the secret of elegant women and it might surprise you how simple it is, you can be sophisticated without spending a fortune.

Being elegant is not as complicated as it seems and to achieve it, the experts share some tips that can help you become the sophisticated woman you want to be so much. You don’t need to drain your bank account to look refined, you just have to be prudent with your choices.

Elegant women are distinguished people, they know how to identify good taste and they reflect it in their appearance. They act with dignity and poise, they provoke admiration and respect, they stand out for their way of behaving and expressing themselves, for their way of dressing and their refined behavioral traits.

Here we share some tips so you can perfect your appearance and be an elegant woman at all times and places.

Take care of your posture

You must bear in mind that your body language says a lot about you. Do not stoop, keep your back straight when you are standing, but also when you walk and sit. It is important that your posture is natural and you feel comfortable, otherwise, you will look fake instead of sophisticated.

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Without oversights

It is essential that you always dress neatly. Never wear wrinkled, torn, stained, dirty, or old-looking clothing because it projects a bad image. And always take the time to clean and polish your shoes. Never forget your hygiene and personal care, from your hair and your smell, to your nails must have good appearance.

Respect dress codes

When in doubt about what to wear to attend a specific event, contact the sponsor or host to find out the dress code. Although fashion has evolved and style is now more casual, dress codes still exist and you must respect them.

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Don’t show off brands

An elegant woman is discreet and does not need to wear the most expensive clothing to highlight her class, because elegance is about good taste and not money. So you don’t need to display the brands and designers’ names for every piece you wear.

How to be a really elegant woman

Avoid teaching

Showing too much skin is vulgar. It is advisable to be more subtle and show off one opening at a time, whether in the back, chest, abdomen, waist or legs. But also, if you choose a tight blouse, the ideal is to combine it with a long skirt or baggy pants.

Don’t lose your balance

You should avoid using more than three different colors in each outfit and do not combine animal print with sequin, metallic or neon garments at the same time. Also, when you wear garments in neutral tones it is better to wear eye-catching accessories, but if your outfit is heavily loaded you should choose discreet accessories.

Wear appropriate outfits

You must identify which are the tones that go best with your skin tone and which are the garments that most flatter your body, without looking vulgar. It is important that you identify your personal style and that you are faithful to it. You should make sure that the clothes and shoes you wear are the correct size, not too tight or too baggy because it will never look good.

Watch your mouth

You should avoid swearing and yelling when speaking. An elegant woman stands out for her education, warmth and kindness. She is also usually cultured and intelligent, so she always has an interesting topic of conversation.

Invest in items and accessories

You should bet on items and accessories that add class to your outfits. A pair of stilettos, a bag that is easy to combine and that you can always wear or a sophisticated perfume that goes with your personality, can be a great investment to look more elegant.

Wear less makeup

A discreet makeup will always be better than too heavy. Experts advise enhancing the eyes or lips, never both. If your eyes have dark tones, choose nude lipstick but if you want your red lips, make up your eyes in a more natural way. An elegant woman does not need so much makeup to stand out, it is preferable to invest in your skin care and in your health and hygiene habits.

Take care of the way you speak

Smile often and make eye contact, speak clearly, and avoid using words that are unfamiliar to the people you are conversing with. Don’t brag about yourself. Keep your secrets for your trusted friends. Don’t provide too much personal information. Don’t interrupt those who are speaking and be a good listener.

Take care of your way of acting

Learn and show good table manners when you eat, be kind and generous to others, be respectful of personal space, organize meetings for those who invite you to their homes, send your RSVP as soon as possible when you receive an invitation and do not forget to bring a gift. Refrain from scandals and don’t do anything to embarrass you.

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