How they met and how many years did Silvia Pinal have taken Enrique Guzmán

Rock & Roll singer Enrique Guzman and the actress Silvia Pinal they met in the 1960s. At that time the singer attended the comedy-musical television program called “Silvia Pinal’s specials“That was precisely Silvia driving. It was right there that there was an unexpected crush.

Later, even with the impediments that were in sight, it turned out to be one of the most beloved couples in the artistic environment. Pinal and Guzmán they got married in 1967When she was 36 and he was just 25.

It is worth remembering that Silvia resisted joining the singer for life, because she considered that the difference in age they had was very evident and over time that would bring them problems. However, they managed to overcome all obstacles and ended in a true love story.

One year after getting married, in 1968, the couple launched “Silvia y Enrique” on the air. It was a comedy-musical program in the style of The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, which was an absolute success, which is why it was on the air for 4 years. It should be noted that thanks to that success, Pinal and Guzmán later performed their own cabaret show.


Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzmán, a story of years of love and hate

Beyond how they met and the years that Silvia Pinal takes Enrique Guzmán, they had 2 children, Luis Enrique and Alejandra. First the girl was born and then her brother Luis Enrique. However, first of all and without even planning the birth of Alejandra, the happy couple enjoyed the childhood of little Viridiana Alatriste, the only daughter that Pinal had had so far with the film producer Gustavo Alatriste.

There were many rumors that are remembered, but The relationship between Silvia and Enrique came to an end after 9 years. Supposedly, the cause that flew the most was that there was domestic violence from Enrique to Silvia.

The marriage finally ended in 1976. It all ended in the middle of a controversy where the singer was accused of domestic violence and could not be reversed. Just after 5 years, unfortunately the sad news was released that Viridiana -who was already a young woman with a promising future-, had lost her life in a car accident.

If it was a beautiful love story, it will remain in the memory of both, but something that was settled in the bioseries of Silvia Pinal, is that it is stated that Enrique Guzman He had beaten her on several occasions and it was all due to his aggressive character experienced in various periods of the relationship they had.

That’s how it is how did you meet Silvia Pinal a Enrique Guzman. A love and hate story that was marked, among so many things, by a notorious age difference. Did you know the sad reasons why love ended?

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