How the Chilean peso, the Uruguayan peso and the Brazilian real close the week

Chilean peso

The Chilean peso parallel costs $0.21, so 100 Chilean pesos are obtained for $21 and 1 million is equivalent to $210,000.

Uruguayan Peso

For his part, Uruguayan Peso marginal trades at $4. In this way, 1,000 Uruguayan pesos represent $4,000 and 100,000 are equivalent to $400,000.

Brazilian real

In turn, the Brazilian real informal has a selling point of $40, which means that 10,000 reais is equivalent to $400,000 and 100,000 reais represents $4,000,000.

Colombian peso

Regarding the Colombian peso, the same is bought for $0.043. Thus, 100,000 Colombian pesos are equivalent to $4,300 and 10 million represent $430,000.

Mexican peso

Also, the Mexican peso blue costs $9. With these values, 1,000 Mexican pesos are equivalent to $9,000 while 100,000 represent $900,000.


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