How the case of the guard accused of sexual abuse at the Falcitelli school continues

Prosecutor María de las Mercedes Moya is the one who ordered the arrest of the guard after the girl’s parents made the complaint at a police station after hearing the story of their daughter who told them about the abuse she suffered from 2019 until the first months of this year. The magistrate took cognizance and immediately ordered the procedure for the accused to be detained. He also imputed it for sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access, in an unspecified number of times. They are investigating her possible accomplice and she is not being detained, for now, due to insufficient evidence.

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Due to the climate of tension, there was police custody at the entrance to the Falcitelli school.

“He was charged (the warden) and is being held in prison. We have a suspect of collaborating, but evidence is lacking and that is why she is not in custody. Now we have to wait if the girl can testify on the Gesell camera to see how it continues“, the prosecutor explained to Diario UNO on Tuesday.

It was also known that the first medical examinations carried out with the girl indicated that she indeed presents injuries consistent with sexual abuse.

The denounced events would have started two years ago, in 2019, and would have been repeated this year after the return to face-to-face classes due to the Covid pandemic. The victim was encouraged to tell her sufferings only in recent days when she was changed schools and he stopped suffering from health disorders that caused him to faint, probably due to the abuse he suffered.

In principle, according to what the girl’s parents said, the abuse occurred at least four times and it was always in one of the bathrooms. The modus operandi of the rapist was to lock himself up with the little girl in the bathroom, for which he would have had the collaboration of another guardian – it would be the sister – who locked and stayed at the door acting as a “bell.”

Due to this situation, the minor – who was already 12 years old – suffered fainting spells and fainting and lived in great anguish. At least three times from the school they had to call the emergency service to attend to her without realizing what was really happening to her. From the family environment they said that the little girl was subjected to studies and they could not establish what was happening to her.

What caught the attention of the parents was that during 2020, when there were no face-to-face classes, she did not have those episodes again that affected his health. But this year, when the return to presence occurred, the blackouts returned. They changed her shift – from morning to afternoon – but the problems continued, apparently, because the orderly also changed shifts.

Finally the parents decided to change her school. There he reportedly told a colleague about his sufferings, who spoke with the teachers and told them: “There is something that she has to tell them”. Immediately the pedagogical team was given intervention and it was then that the girl revealed that sexual abuse occurred during recess, on the morning shift, in the school bathroom. “If you say something I’ll kill you, your dad or your mom“, the warden would have threatened her.

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About 60 parents of children from the Falcitelli school went to protest at the door of the establishment

About 60 parents of children from the Falcitelli school went to protest at the door of the establishment

What followed was the complaint by the parents, the intervention of the prosecutor, the arrest of the guard and the progress of the investigation, which will surely present news when the girl testifies through the gesell camera system, which still does not have a precise date.

In the meantime, the parents of the students of the school involved demand massive resignations, of directors and teachers and even spoke of a cover-up. This Tuesday there were about 60 who approached the door of the establishment and in the presence of the media they expressed their anger and distrust that no one from the school noticed what was happening. The director, Adriana Jurchecin and the regional delegate of the General Directorate of Schools, Eduardo Andrade, They came out to give their faces and explanations, but the situation became tense when the father of the affected girl arrived, visibly distressed and rebuked the teacher so that it was not possible to continue the dialogue there.

The parents of the students assured journalists that there were at least three other cases of sexual abuse, although there are no formal complaints about it. Even the prosecutor Moya asked that if you have knowledge of other similar events, speak with her.

For now in the Falcitelli school There will only be virtual classes while the school government evaluates the measures to be taken. It also transpired that two other celadroas who work at the school do not want to attend because they are afraid.

The guard risks a penalty of 6 to 15 years in prison but it is not ruled out that the aggravating circumstance of the guard is added, which would lead to a sentence of 8 to 20 years.

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